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Deleting old posts.
Posted by Urin_BloodfaceII on 11-23-2011 10:02 PM

I'm saying my real name here. Is it possible to remove it?
__________________ - be better.
Posted by dimitri583 on 12-04-2011 11:15 PM
Nothing is shocking. Nothing is sacred. War sucks. The pope smokes dope.
"Fuck Canada!" ~Zorax
It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong -Voltaire

Posted by Urin_BloodfaceII on 12-17-2011 07:12 PM
Thank you.
__________________ - be better.
Posted by jackdaw on 10-21-2012 06:23 AM
testing the new sig thingy...
Я играю сука для тебя, Моя прекрасная отражение. Ни одна женщина никогда не сравнится.

Я ни псих или героя

Listen to my words. Fear not for I am an Angel, I Love you and I will guide you. ~ Malkavian Bible

"I am only a Product of your Necessity"
~ Jack The Prophet, The Book of Jack
Posted by Kjell Thusaud on 11-10-2013 06:07 PM
Originally Posted by Urin_BloodfaceII
Thank you.

I will delete my messages where you also kind of say it.
Give a player a fish, and he’ll probably try to sell it to an NPC fisherman.

Teach a player to fish, and next week he’ll show up with the book, “The Complete Adventuring Fisherman”. He’ll start hunting for some monstrous leviathan to catch and enslave, and he’ll be dual-wielding two fishing poles

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