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a/s/l Every1 plz
Posted by alleria71485 on 06-29-2001 07:02 PM
hey imn ew to this site and i wanted to get to know all you ppl here. I'm 15 almost 16 I'm a gurl amd i live in New Mexico and my name is melsa how about you? thanx for all those who repl to my post 80)

melisa 80)
always smile big 80)
peace,love,and marshmallows
Posted by dimitri583 on 06-29-2001 07:07 PM
LOL! theres another perosn in these forums thats from farmingtown, NM! i forgot his name tho, heh.

anyways, welcome to our forumz,
im 17, male, and from chicago
hope ta see ya round da forumz

Nothing is shocking. Nothing is sacred. War sucks. The pope smokes dope.
"Fuck Canada!" ~Zorax
It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong -Voltaire

Posted by Ultra_punk on 06-29-2001 07:36 PM
Wasnt it deathknightslayer or something from farmingtown?

16/m/ as far as i can tell... Canada.


a suicide bomber taken out by a suicide bomber? priceless
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CowUltrapunk: slow as your dick
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CowUltrapunk: working on your unspeakable weapon of mass atrocities?
ZoraxP: Yep. I call it the USA.
Urin Bloodface: i know ontario
Urin Bloodface: ive even been to vancover
Posted by LieutenantMadMac on 06-29-2001 09:33 PM
I'm mad. I'm always mad. Thats why I put it in my name. Well anyway, I'm from NY, I've been interigated by my principal, and I'm 13. I am also the youngest in this forum unless Darkwolf was telling the truth about being 6.... Can you beleive this? I was interigated because I needed to talk to the principal, but she comes up with this bogus grading system in front of me, and ended up giving me an F in sciece instead of a A-. What the hell is up with that? Oh yeah, and i am a guy.

P.S: We could use some help in "Girls... Need I say more."

"I didn't think it was physically possible but this both sucks and blows."
Posted by RHYDE THA NIGHT on 06-29-2001 09:38 PM
It's been some time since we had a girl here...ever since Evil Eye left I couldn't call anyone hot in the forum. Yo, you seen Evil Eye's picture??? She's HOT.

Posted by IKickPuppies on 06-29-2001 11:51 PM
I've seen that pic, but then I heard something rather disturbing about her. I'm not sure if it's true, but I'm gonna refrain from calling anyone on the internet hot unless I know them personaly(as in offline, the real world).

I'm 60/m/Czechoslavakia. Ignore the Tampa,FL in my profile and anything I've said about my age in previous posts.

Posted by The_Stoic_Watcher on 06-30-2001 12:32 AM


I think someone needs to tell you this Stoic...
You're fucked up! Mad -Veegee

What does "Black" infront of "Metal" say to you? That the guys in the band are from da hood?- Mcleod!
Posted by relentless6151 on 06-30-2001 12:34 AM
ya, she did look hot in da pic, but ive ehard those thign bout her too, dont beleive em tho.

Relentless6151, dimitri583's official alter ego.
Posted by Carmius on 06-30-2001 02:23 AM
Age: Don't wanna say it because it's fun watching people guess.
Sex: Male.
Location: Look to da left.

"My wife says I write two types of songs: Grand Weepers and Grim Reapers" ~ Tom Waits
Posted by IamThaTwiztid1 on 06-30-2001 12:38 PM
Yo. 15 almost 16/m/Boulder, CO. My real name is Morgan, but never, ever call me that. And Carmius is 14, hahaha. Nice to see new people coming here, hope ya stay for a long time.

Time was not meant to be passed.
Posted by Carmius on 06-30-2001 02:58 PM
Damnit! People were guessing over at MadMac's age topic. People were thinking i was 20!!! I hope they don't read this.

"My wife says I write two types of songs: Grand Weepers and Grim Reapers" ~ Tom Waits
Posted by LieutenantMadMac on 06-30-2001 06:04 PM
yeah, well if you didn't put all of that classy crap in your profile no one would have guessed you were 14.

"I didn't think it was physically possible but this both sucks and blows."
Posted by Zorax on 06-30-2001 06:38 PM
Sex: Mannish
Age: Three Five
Location: Canucksville.

Just kidding.
Posted by Dieter on 06-30-2001 07:45 PM
This was a new one...


Posted by Urin_Bloodface on 06-30-2001 08:09 PM
17/male/Norway !

With your Quote :
always smile big 80)
peace,love,and marshmallows

I really hope your a girl if not your sureley gay !!!

Sorry were are my manners ??? (Probably way up my ass ) any way DO NOT LISSEN TO ANYTHING I SAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do im probably a fag hater ( Im am not fond of fags I think is the perfect word) a rasist ,Hitler lover and Pshycho !!! so dont !!!

I use Norwegian metodes to show a point like : If Hitler was English and was fighting againgst churchill in the WW2 he would have been considered a saingt ! You see my point but its a sick way of showing it !

And sometimes I write things just to ... Pizz em off ! (ohh sorry girl pressent no bad words) ... Make them angry !

Atlast my name [edited] !!!
My name is Norwegian so youll probably hewr a lot of Norwegian Propaganda and translations !
Posted by The_Stoic_Watcher on 06-30-2001 10:09 PM
hey urine and blood on face
your sig's got about 8 spelling mistakes!


I think someone needs to tell you this Stoic...
You're fucked up! Mad -Veegee

What does "Black" infront of "Metal" say to you? That the guys in the band are from da hood?- Mcleod!
Posted by Zilor on 07-01-2001 02:35 AM
17 year old guy from Tonawanda NY, Names jake i prefer zilor though... Alter ego.. it tells me to burn things... Well i have things to burn, later.
Posted by Zorax on 07-01-2001 02:44 AM
lol Ja -- err, Zilor

Welcome to the forums.

Just kidding.
Posted by Darkwolf on 07-01-2001 02:54 AM
Age- 6

Sex- Yes please, err no (damn that Austin Powers fellow)... I mean male.

Location- The PA, USA there actually means Palookaville Alcohoney, United Slavs of Antigua.

A witty saying proves nothing.
Arguing on the Internet is like being in the Special Olympics; even if you win, you're still a 'tard.
Posted by relentless6151 on 07-01-2001 02:59 AM
there are slavs in antigua? well...u live and u learn.

Relentless6151, dimitri583's official alter ego.
Posted by Village Idiot on 07-01-2001 03:11 AM
Age-16 (birthday is 1/22/85 NEVER FORGET IT!!! if it helps its also on bloody sunday)
Place of resedence-Cali

I have issues.
"One of these days Lara... I'm gunna punch you in the face!" George W.
i dont like cats
"They called me mister glass."
Posted by Urin_Bloodface on 07-01-2001 11:41 AM
The_Stoic_Watcher hey urine and blood on face
your sig's got about 8 spelling mistakes!

Okey I dont give a Fukc in da speling mistaces !!!!

Ok and 4 the 7 th time Its a Norwegian U that pronouts =) almost like an O !

I choose Bloodface bacause it has been my nick since the 8th grade !

Im ahemophilain or a Bleeder if youd like ! I have to that shots with factor 8 Monday ,Wendsday and friday and when i have a bleeding!!!
One time i had to take a shot at 5 in the morning an di forgot to take of the rubber thing it made acompreasson inthe wane !!! when i pulled the needle out the blood came all over my face and clotes so ...Bloodface...

I couldnt just be Bloodface so i had to get something that fitet in Norwegian ! and on my B.Net it only fitted whit 4 letters and Bill or bob (just an example) wasnt realy orcish !!! so i just picked Urin !!!

Happy ????

Posted by on 07-01-2001 12:13 PM
rhyde you moron. i'ma gurl

Age:i'm timeless therefore ageless
Sex: i like little children, named darkwolf
Location:in my top secret laboratory located under pop-eyes chicken.

welcome to my forum, i stole it. i want to give it back it sux. the reload time stinks like a really bad cheese stain! well anyways i am the most beautiful Woman in here. Hey bloodface do people piss on your face when it bleeds i'd pay good money to watch that

Posted by 6gregory9 on 07-01-2001 12:30 PM
I'm an Alchoholic, chain smakoing sociopath, err, forget the last part, and the first part, in fact, pretend I never posted that.


If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.
Put down that bong Johnny, Your parents worked hard for your tuition.
The truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination.
I don't need your war machines, I don't need your ghetto scenes. Coloured lights can hypnotise, now sparkle some one elses eyes.
Warrior, The Time Bombs
About To Go
What Will You Feel
Will You Even Wonder
If The Man That'sin Your Sights
Ever Kissed His Girl Goodbye
Posted by Quimquay on 07-01-2001 01:36 PM
Hello, I'm an albino communist eskimo lesbian porn star, with a slight speech impediment and a cheese fetish. I live in Canuckville, where I plot revenge against the hated capitalist pigs. You shall never know my age, unless you cut me in two and count my rings!!!

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