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Thread: A Favor from an Admin Please (An to negatively commentin posters, suck cock and die.)
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Zilor, I put some thought into my last response to you. I'm not only college educated you condescending fuck but I'm gainfully employed which is tricky with your new Internet resume. My last response to you was "What to post on the Internet and what NOT to post on the Internet." I felt sorry for you because you were at a hard moment in your life and looking for help in all the wrong places.

You didn't ask to have your wild ravings deleted. I did.

Well that was the last favor I'm doing for you. You think we're all hopeless fucks? And you're starting with So and So, a friend of ours?

Well fuck you. Enjoy your wild Internet diatribes well into old age. I hope they come back to bite you.

Dear admins! Please do not delete anything this guy wrote. Don't do him any favors. We should change his password so he can't annoy us anymore or edit his postings. Fuck him.


So and So, I explained this to Zilor last time he did this that if he needs medical attention that this is not the forum for it. We are not doctors and we are not qualified to help him. Any advice that he receives from us is ill advised and dangerous. Also, his cries for help will go unheard. Do not give him advice and do not feel sorry for him. He has been told multiple times that this is inappropriate and dangerous to HIS health to come here for any sort of help. We are not friends and we are not family. Often we are separated not only by distance but time. His needs need to be filled by medical professionals and we have no obligation to help with that.

We have a responsibility to tell these people that we will not help them and they should seek guidance somewhere else. It is not our job to cure the Internet's crazies. He can fuck right off if he thinks he deserves anything from us.

Frankly, I've been worried about this little situation before. If someone comes onto a forum and says some stupid shit like, "I'm going to kill myself unless someone talks to me." Legally, where do we stand with that if they get hurt? Do we have any responsibility to share Zilor's wild ravings with a medical professional?

No. We don't. We don't know Zilor. He's an anonymous kid and he could be coming from anywhere. We have no way of communicating with a professional around him to get him medical help or attention. He's been told that we will not respond to his cries for help here.

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