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Thread: A Favor from an Admin Please (An to negatively commentin posters, suck cock and die.)
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Originally Posted by Zilor

So long and thanks for nothing, aside Dimitri, you've always been a really, really cool guy to me, and to those of a neutral nature, this is not directed at you.

I'm forever awesome and blameless in all conflict!

I'm like 8 months late in reading this post, and it seems that Zilor has been gone for just about as long, so as for his request to delete his posts I'm going to cite laziness and some sort of statute of limitations on administrative favors. Kind of bullshit for him to call people out the way he did, soandso especially. Soandso (or anyone for that matter), if you would like me to delete this thread in order to remove from the forum all this hateful language, let me know (email is best ) and it'll be gone in a moment's notice.

As for Zilor, wherever he may be, I hope he is well.

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Posts: 15,359 negnegnegnegneghighneghighneghighneg
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