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Thread: Stephen King Book got me down
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It's a good read. That's one of the problems with Stephen King. He's a great story teller, from one chapter to the next, with little surprises coming at a regular pace to keep you reading, but in this case, when you look at the story as a whole...

*spoiler alert*

Well, the concept is that alien kids play a prank on a small town up in Maine, closing it off with a forcefield, like a super sci-fi fish bowl. And then they watch as everyone in that dome kills each other, one way or another, similar to how human kids step on ant hills, etc. The idea is, we humans are so horrible, you don't need to kill us directly. Just encapsulate us, and we'll kill ourselves.

Where it breaks down is that the scenario is highly unlikely, with one of the biggest meth labs in America using all the propane in town, and all set to blow up with explosives if the police try to take it down. People were beginning to get sick from pollution, which is one of the main themes of the book, and a good one. But, I guess Stephen wanted to speed up the process to make it fun, with a big bang, firestorm, and using up all the people's oxygen.

For me what was upsetting, besides all the good characters who die right at the end, when they were almost safe, is that the 1000 page book doesn't make any references to any other Stephen King books. It's a stand alone book. I was hoping for some reference to shed light on the mysteries of his other books, but there's nothing. There were a couple lines of the book that almost did it - an eerie voice that predicted what would happen later - BUT IT WAS NEVER EXPLAINED LATER!!! And one of the Meth addicts knew something about an "atman" whatever the hell that is, who scared away some police on a previous visit. BUT THAT WASN'T EXPLAINED EITHER!!!

All in all, a very frustrating book.

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