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Thread: PS: The name of the game was announced
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Again, I'll restate that you spoofed the post date on your news, and that shows a gap of proper judgement, maturity, and journalistic integrity. Caj, if you don't like threads like this, then you should run a better fansite and have someone more trustworthy posting the news.

Your poorly run system can't be masked through a system of edits and fake dates. If you want to be a fansite of any caliber in the future, you should work at it harder.

As to your comment below Ultra, childish is faking the date of your news post to hide the fact that no one touched the site for a week after an important event. You didn't receive early word, you aren't a part of a top of the line site, and no one is going to rely on a news source that tells lies.

Posts: 648 pos
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