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Thread: Globalization as a myth
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One might argue that the British Empire represented a globalization of world politics into a single entity, and that we've not recovered since its decline. However, this view is missing the entire point; stability.

The high globalization that was seen pre-WWI was something akin to the British Empire. Most of the trade was between European powers, and most of it was incredibly lopsided. There was no World Trade Organization, there was no thought about the effect of tarriffs. Importing exotic goods from foreign lands does not count as globalisation.

Global trade has to be equal, and it has to benefit both sides in a fair manner. If its cheaper to cut lumber in Canada, then Americans should be purchasing as much Canadian lumber as possible rather than local lumber which is more expensive. They get lumber at a cheaper price. This is current economics. Previous economics was more like, if we have lumber here, theirs is worthless, but we do like that Canadian seal fur, lets buy that. And of course the stuff is expensive, so it eats up a large portion of GNP, but its not really intelligent trade at all.


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