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Thread: Avatar Wars - Group C
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Round 4
Kirby suddenly charges the Dr. and headbuts him! Fortunatly for Strangelove, Kirby's forehead is as hard as marshmellow, and doesn't inflict much damage. The Dr. counterattacks with a headbut of his own, but despite the fact that His skull is very much harder then Marshmellow, it's a proven fact that anything that's hard as marshmellow is also very resistant to headbuts.

Loop inflicts 1 points of damage (HP 18- 3 = 15) - [$12 pillaged]
B~E inflicts 3 points of damage (HP 17 - 1 = 16)

B~E has First Strike

edit: wait, what... you just edited didn't you... I know you said normal attack and not Defensive special. I swear I saw that.

Whatever even if I was just being dilusional, my previous statement still stands.


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