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Linear Hybrid Threaded

Chiral Minds  
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Commodore Hardesty's quarters were above the main flight deck. Walking down the red lined hallway, her heels clicking mutely against a thick red padding, this was a familiar route. Ever since Dr. Neals had been placed upon The Fayette she had been routinely summoned for status updates and the like for the commodore.

She rarely minded these sessions honestly. Having some distraction from her normal work was welcome, even if she did enjoy it thoroughly. Yet experimental practices never entered the young girl's ambition to be a simple practioner. However here she was, aboard one of the most notorious, if not well contracted, mercenary groups of this part of the galaxy. The Fayette boasted an impressive military history along with suspiciously advanced weaponry and scientific achievements. Hardesty gave very little time to individuals to confer about specifics, yet it seemed as he had full knowledge of virtually everything on the ship.

Vivian figured however, that a person who developed a 6,000 man strong militia group from virtually nothing had to keep his nose in everything. Somehow.

Lieutenant Brenovitz smiled and nodded at Dr. Neals as she approached.

"Another private session Viv?" he smirked. She only rolled her eyes, exasperated by his boyish nature.

"Honestly Daniel, you should place your ear closer to the door next time if you really want to hear what is going on."

Brenovitz only laughed and coded in his key for voice access.

Brenovitz himself though was a brilliant officer. While Vivian found him annoying at times, she absolutely respected his abilities. Only being in his late twenties he successfully moved up from field infantry to a top officer in the commodore's command. It was impressive enough to get into your late twenties just being a field infantryman.

While Brenovitz was playfully intoning about any concieved relationship between Dr. Neals and Hardesty, he was not the only one. Her assistants, some of the few females of the crew, had constantly whispered behind her back at the time she spent with Hardesty. Vivian knew it all to be foolishness of course. She never considered herself attractive. Being slightly plump ever since adolescense, her wide dark eyes and matching hair did little to impress any of the opposite sex. Though others may have found depression in the lack of companionship, she found it preferential, if not necessary for her work.

The door slid open smoothly. The commodore's quarters were heavily windowed, making the room consistently dark while in deep space. He seemed to prefer it that way, with only bits of ambient lighting from various instruments and walkway warnings lighting up the room. His quarters actually consisted of three rooms, the main room, a bedroom, and lavatory. Being a self made man in this business gave you the benefits of an emperor. Vivian, though the top medical engineer, had to suffer in her too small and windowless compartment. If that were not enough, there was no lavatory and one would have to move into the hall to a communal one in their nightdressings if there was necessity.

Vivian walked into the darklit room as the door closed slowly behind her. She could only just make out the slim figure of Hardesty, hands clasped behind his back, silver flecked hair glowing in the low lights. She stood quietly, smoothing out her skirt and adjusting her glasses.

Hardesty noticed her presence and gave her a warm smile.

"Dr. Neals, I appreciate you for coming on such short notice." he said in a brown voice.

"Of course Commodore," Vivian nodded her head slightly, "Your missive came just as I was finishing my work for the evening."

"It is evening isn't it?" Hardesty mused. While time was continually kept, it was difficult to gauge in one's mind while at space. No one actually remembered how long Sol's day was, and many were accustomed to their own planet's feature. Thus universally in the ship, 32 hours against the star of Viera kept as a day. The majority of the crew had originated on Khauss a planet in the system of Viera and the others adjusted easily enough.

"We have a few short things to speak of Vivian," formalities were usually dropped quickly between the two, "I have private matters of which to divulge to you. Please, be seated."

Vivian blinked and sat down in the nearest padded chair.

"Of course Commodore," perhaps the formalities should stay in place for now.

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Linear Hybrid Threaded

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