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folder icon   08-22-2003, 02:26 PM
A map called MMORPG. Post #1


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In short, I am making a map that is based on the concept of an MMORPG.

Sure, the concept of saving/loading characters has been used a few times, but here it's truly core to the game...

Gameplay will be rather open-ended, with many quests suitable for low or high levels as well as many diverse areas to explore, several factions, and lots of different NPCs and monsters.


I intend to have at least 15-20 different characters available, all of which may reach up to level 100 and have 34-44 skills per character.

Spells are divided into "spellbooks" that expand as you level them up. Each spellbook covers an area of a hero's skills, such as Fire Magic, Chaos Magic, Conjuration, Offensive Combat, Defensive Combat, Ranger Skills, etc.

Your starting location depends on race.
Humans have a city named Andorel.
Horde races have a city-fort named Orthargan.
Blood Elves have a magocratic town called Ildaris. (may be changed)
Night Elves have a hidden city named Frostmoon.

--- PROGRESS ---
(NOTE! I am always doing more stuff, and some things may be changed or adjusted, so this list is not complete to-date. Feel optimistic, there's a bunch of stuff you haven't seen.)

--- HEROES ---

Night Elf: Warrior, Priestess, Druid, Demon Hunter, Ranger.
Human: Warrior, Paladin, Rogue*, Mage*, Priest.
Blood Elf: Ranger, Sorceress.
Undead: Warrior, Dark Ranger, Necromancer, Lich.
Orc: Shaman, Warlock, Warrior.
Troll: Shadow Hunter*, Warrior, Witch Doctor.

*Classes may be altered or rearranged, mainly to balance factions or correct redundant class abilities, etc.

The world of the Rynjaxx MMORPG Map is named Sharrais. It is a spherical planet not unlike Earth. It is a combination of a new world and new lands, creatures, histories, and so on with the original Warcraft races. The area covered by the MMORPG Map is a tiny piece of the whole planet - just a few cities and a number of nearby forests, dungeons, rivers, et cetera.

Many of the characters inhabiting the area within the map's boundaries have come from far-off places and been to very different lands. Besides their stories, there exist many other histories and legends, distant lands, different planes of existence, and so on. Some of these extend into and interact with the map's people and areas. For instance, the human cryomancer/warrior Ritpik, the famed adventurer whose ghost now resides in a cave in Andorel, has been to dozens of lands beyond the local area, such as the cities of Isan-Colim and Halfar's Port to the west, the City of Prisoners - Baraldon, and so on.

The world beyond Andorel/Bluecrescent/Orthargan is quite complicated indeed, although no knowledge of it is required to succeed in the quests of the map's area.

For more information on Sharrais and it's heroes and legends, see the Histories presented at the end of the post...



Andorel is the primary human city, and is home to a number of useful merchants, a tradeskill building, and a nice tavern where you can stop off to recover some energy. It also contains a number of NPCs likely to give you tasks or quests, and is definitely worth making your home base. Notable personalities include Arival the Scroll-Merchant, Barrek the Smithy-Merchant, Shelan the Alchemist (he develops new concoctions constantly), Delmandior the Blood Mage, and Arishendael the Archer Captain.


Frostmoon is the natural night elven city, complete with a giant tree, purple-white buildings, and moonbeams shining through the dense foliage above. Like Andorel, there are merchants, a tradeskill area, and assorted quest-giving citizens glad to aid you in your quest to become the best of the best. Important people include Leranon Greycowl (a fine night elven warrior), Arigar the Master Druid, Kelior the Magic Merchant, Ancient Sothonon the Loreteller, and others.


This is the main city of the Orcish Horde, and is built adjacent to a rocky cliffside, and has an overall militaristic mentality. As can be expected, there are tradeskills and assorted NPCs. Important NPCs include Margilar the Tamer (good with beasts and an excellent warrior besides), Tajabac and Gobar'Jin the Trolls, and others.


More of an encampment than an organized city, Thar'Dumal is home to a small group of Tauren attempting to carve out an inhabitable area of land in the Orthargan Badlands. Some of their greatest problems are the vicious Centaurs that determinedly assault them and attempt to drive them from the area, and the dangerous Furbolgs on the other side of the adjacent Dezraun River. The Tauren have not failed to survive yet, however, and it seems possible that they may overcome their foes to win a new home in this new location.

Spider Forest

This shadowy forest is adjacent to Andorel and contains a number of spiders ranging from puny lvl 1 Tarantulas to deadly lvl 32 Giant Dire Spiders and lvl 33 Aranea. The spiders occasionally drop decent items such as gems, and the Tarantulas' Teeth may be used for certain tradeskill recipes. While adventurers may occasionally pass through the forest unharmed, it is definitely a good idea to stay alert as you walk through the darkness, as you never know when you may be sighted by a hostile spider.

Orthargan Swamp

This wet, heavily-vegetated patch of land is located between Orthargan and Thar'Dumal, and is inhabited by Murlocs of varying sizes. The swamp makes a good early hunting-ground, though starting a fight with a squad of 5th to 15th level Murlocs may prove fatal to the careless. The loot from the Murlocs may be moderately valuable, ranging from simple jewelry to useful potions and food. The dense green growth is quite opaque from the side, and may hide smaller Murlocs that would gladly help their greater brethren in trying to bring you down.

Orthargan Badlands

This area technically encompasses everything from Orthargan westward up to the River Dezraun, beyond which is located the furbolg-controlled Arbolgas Forest. This overall area surrounds the Orthargan Swamp and is marked by reddish-brown grasses and sporadic shrubbery. The Orthargan side of the land contains a tribe of gnolls that may provide several good fights for low to mid-level players, and the Thar'Dumal end is inhabited by mid-level magic-wielding Centaurs that occasionally attack the Thar'Dumal encampment in warparties composed of warriors, archers, and powerful sorcerers. The Centaurs are a significant force and are not to be taken lightly, but can yield significant rewards if defeated in battle.

*Centaur Cave
This cave in the Badlands, near Thar'Dumal, holds a host of centaurs that periodically assault the encampment. The creatures are extremely hostile to outsiders, and are not to be trifled with by weaker characters.

Arbolgas Forest

This area extends from Dezraun River to the borders of Frostmoon, and is home to a number of Furbolgs. The Furbolgs range from weaker specimens toward the north to powerful Elder Shaman and Ursa Warriors in the deeper southern areas. Their presence both attracts strong adventurers looking for combat and valuable loot, and deters lower-levels from attempting to cross between the Orcish and Night Elven lands, and the Furbolgs see no difference when it comes to fighting Orcs or Elves that trespass upon their lands.

Ruins of Blackenhelm

Blackenhelm was originally a fort operated by the night elven clan of the same name. The Blackenhelms had guarded the north of Bluecrescent for over a thousand years. Though typically elves are immortal, the Blackenhelms were subject to many casualties of war and so changed generations far faster than their peaceful relatives.

The last leader of the Blackenhelm clan was Shanellei Blackenhelm, a priestess of Elune and a skilled warrior as well. It was her duty to save the lands of Bluecrescent from the magnataur armies of the mad sorcerer Galhiron Darclath. Darclath had mentally dominated the high-ranking warriors among the magnataurs, and made them into a crazed horde bent on annihilating all life in sight and then some. Galhiron Darclath himself lacked any purpose or objective - he was purely insane and powerful, and enjoyed the simple destruction he could cause with the magic commanded by his splintered will.

When the magnataur armies arrived at Fort Blackenhelm for the first time, the priestess Shanellei saw the hopelessness of the situation and sent a runner to dispatch reinforcements from Bluecrescent. Although it would take them almost week to arrive, the fort's defenders, led by Shanellei, held out for almost six days, their numbers steadily decreasing and all chances of winning draining away. Finally, the combination of the magnataurs' strength and Darclath's supporting destructive evocations breached the main gate of Blackenhelm. Utter chaos ensued, night elves and magnataurs dying in a disordered slaughter.

The defenders were still outnumbered four to one and now no longer had any advantage. They were doomed to die, and Shanellei was quite aware of this fact. She abandoned her commanding post, calling on Elune to grant her speed and invisibility - but instead of fleeing, she rapidly made her way across the battlefield, aiming to kill Darclath by any means. She passed by his bodyguard unseen. As he was fully focused on casting a killing elemental spell at the remaining elves, he had no chance to react to being slashed seven times with a blade of frost in rapid succession.

Collapsing from the bloody wounds, Darclath used his last breath to speak the incantation of energy-release, converting all of the latent power in his mind and body into a single wave of chaotic energy. The Final Curse of Darclath had two effects. Firstly, all of the lands his army had captured were instantly frozen over, transforming a land of temperate hills into the unnatural icy desolation of Northcurse. Secondly, the remaining energy swept outward in a fiery circle of annihilation. Shanellei was killed instantly, as were most of the magnataurs and all of the night elves. Fort Blackenhelm was torn to pieces, unmade from a building into constituent bits of stone and metal.

Darclath's mental domination of them broken, many of the surviving magnataurs fled back north, eventually trying to find their old homes and families or establishing new settlements in the newly-created land of Northcurse. The few that remained to loot the ruins of Blackenhelm suffered a darker fate - just three hours after the death of Darclath and the end of the Last Battle of Blackenhelm, the army of Bluecrescent arrived. The magnataurs were interrogated and then dismembered and roasted to feed the nightsabre panthers of the legion. The Bluecrescentan elves then held a brief ceremony to honor the fallen and to mourn the end of clan Blackenhelm.

As everything to the north of the ruins of Blackenhelm was now nigh-impassable icy desolation or very much dead, there was little need to rebuild the fort, and the site was abandoned. Now it is inhabited by some stray wildlife and a few humanoids. Despite the wealth potentially hidden in the mess of rock and skeletons, adventurers tend to pass by the ruins quickly to avoid angering the spirits of the slain warriors said to still watch over the area.


There has been considerable dispute among scholars and philosophers as to how the strange Daggerfields could have come into being. This strange land of tall spears and blades of rock may have once been a flat land at a much higher elevation, composed of a few mixed types of earth, under which lay intricate magma flows produced by subterranean heat. It is possible that this molten rock was somehow forced upward through random spaces or faults in some of the weaker upper rock, forming distinct column-shaped channels of what would become spires of solid igneous stone. The rock, after cooling, apparently became far harder than the surrounding components, which eventually crumbled and washed away to leave the now-visible towers of reddish-gray.

That, at least, is the explanation of the scientists. Various priests and shaman have considered the possibility of the willful creation of these structures by demigods or even higher deities. A few argue that these columns serve as the resting places of the spirits of great warriors, and others see them as pillars to support the heavens, while still more parties offer further otherworldly reasons. No race or tribe has ever been known to incorporate the Daggerfields into their religion or their records, and it seems that they had just sprung up sometime in history, definitely at least twenty times as long ago as the icy desolation of Northcurse. Beyond that, there isn't the faintest idea of why the columns stand, and passersby merely crane their necks to look to the tops of them and to marvel at their colossal scale, but no mouths open to uncover the true story behind the Daggerfields.

--- ITEMS ---
(NOTE! Lists are only partial, as new items are added and some I just won't tell you)

Ale, Keg of Ale, Cheese, Greens, Edible Roots, Berries, Beef Roast, Battleroarer's Ale, Orcish Mead, Thunderbrew Ale, Berry 'n' Head Brew, Jar of Honey, Cherries, Shorgatberries.

Longsword +9, Longsword +12 (red/blue/yellow/green), Golden Sword, Bonecrusher Sword, Gleaming Blade, Sword of Speed, Sword of Haste, Double Sword +13.

Battleaxe +9, Battleaxe +12 (red/blue/yellow), Centaurbane Axe, Choramol: Frostblood, Blood Axe.

Katana +9, Katana +12 (red/blue/yellow), Doomwalker (1-socket), Keldarine, Fearsome Fury of the Forest Fawns.

Scimitar +9, Scimitar +12 (red/blue/yellow), Cordan's Slicer.

War Claw +9, War Claw +12 (red/blue/yellow), Claw of Firewrath, Claw of Fireharrow.

Warhammer +9, Warhammer +12 (red/blue/yellow), Morin-gath: Thunderhammer.

Mace +9, Mace +12 (red/blue/yellow).

Dagger +6, Dagger +9 (red/blue/yellow), Masters' Dagger, Morin-dror: Lightningstroke.

Quarterstaff +9, Quarterstaff +12 (red/blue/yellow).

Greatsword +12, Greatsword +15 (red/blue/yellow), Thanatos: Sinewbraider, Mindrallis (2-socket), Ethenbril (1-socket), Mistral Blade.

Maul +12, Maul +15 (red/blue/yellow), Infernal Maul.

Halberd +12, Halberd +15 (red/blue/yellow), Flaming Halberd.

Spear +12, Spear +15 (red/blue/yellow), Spear of Strength.

Orb +6.

Weapon Base Damage Bonuses:
(Slashing 1H) Longsword = +9 [Improved +12]*
(Slashing 1H) Axe = +9 [Improved +12]
(Slashing 1H) Katana = +9 [Improved +12]
(Slashing 1H) Scimitar = +9 [Improved +12]
(Slashing 1H) War Claw = +9 [Improved +12]
(Slashing 2H) Greatsword = +12 [Improved +15]
(Slashing/Piercing 2H) Halberd = +12 [Improved +15]
(Piercing 1H) Dagger = +6 [Improved +9]
(Piercing 2H) Spear = +12 [Improved +15]
(Blunt 1H) Warhammer = +9 [Improved +12]
(Blunt 1H) Mace = +9 [Improved +12]
(Blunt 2H) Quarterstaff = +9 [Improved +12]
(Blunt 2H) Maul = +12 [Improved +15]
(Arcane) Orb = +6 [Improved Varies]

*Improved means the simplest color magic version, as in Longsword +12 (red)

Materials & Smithables:
Iron, Leather, Tarantula Tooth, Yellow Geode, Red Geode, Blue Geode, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Crystal, Ice Crystal, Jade, Malachite.

Orbs (socketable):
Fire, Frost, Lightning, Venom, Corruption, Darkness, Light, Blood.

Oil Base, Potion Base, Acid, Fire Oil, Frost Oil.

Magic Items:
Tenebrien's Amulet, Horn of Devastation, Righteous Band of Light (ring).

Wands & Scrolls:
Scroll of Firebolts, Scroll of Invisibility.

Potions (different strengths exist, minor/lesser/greater):
Healing, Mana, Speed, Replenishment, Clarity, Invisibility, Invulnerability, Restoration, Divinity, Vampiric, Anti-Magic, Healing Salve.

Shields & Armor:
Shield, Leather Armor, Studded Leather, Half Plate, Chain Mail, Full Plate, Plate of Elune (+7, +12, +15), Great Helm, Iron Helm.

This includes:

Smithing (pretty much all weapons, metal armors such as chain and plate)
Engineering (technological components, from Metal Tubes to Frostthrower Guns)
Crafting (generally nonmetal armor & robes and magic trinkets such as rings, amulets, cloaks, jewelry, etc.)
Alchemy (potions and liquids, like Frost Oil or Dire Spider Draught)

Recipes will be provided for most items available to any crafting subtype. Information (bonuses) are given for each item. Non-craftable (found) weapons are included just for the sake of having everything in the same place.

Basic Recipes (not full list!):
Full Plate = 900g * Half Plate * Iron * Yellow Geode

War Claw +12 (red) = 200g * War Claw +9 * Red Geode
War Claw +12 (blue) = 200g * War Claw +9 * Blue Geode
War Claw +12 (yellow) = 200g * War Claw +9 * Yellow Geode
Claws of Firewrath = 900g * War Claw +12 * Fire Oil * Iron
Longsword +12 (red) = 200g * Longsword +9 * Red Geode
Longsword +12 (blue) = 200g * Longsword +9 * Blue Geode
Longsword +12 (yellow) = 200g * Longsword +9 * Yellow Geode
Longsword +12 (green) = 200g * Longsword +9 * [???????????]
Sword of Fire = Longsword +12 (red) * Fire Oil * Red Geode
Sword of Frost = Longsword +12 (blue) * Frost Oil * Blue Geode
+15, cold effect
Sword of Darkness = Longsword +12 (green) * Vile Skull * Yellow Geode
+15, ONHIT 15% chance Cripple
Deathshand = Sword of Darkness * Essence of Death
+30, ONHIT 15% chance Cripple, +4 ALLSTATS
Icecaster = Sword of Frost * Sapphire * Blue Geode
+25, Every 2 min cast Frostbolt(200 dmg)
Flamecaller = Sword of Fire * Ruby * Red Geode
+27, Every 3 min cast Farazal's Scorching Fires(3 fires, 45 dmg/second each, last 20 sec)
Necromantic Longsword = Longsword +12 (green) * Rod of Necromancy
+20, Every 3 min cast Create Zombies(2 lvl 10 zombies)
Golden Glory = Longsword +12 (yellow) * Diamond * Sacred Ring
+31, +1 AGI, Every 3 min cast Ward Against Undead(Kill any < 1/10th of player level, all under player level flee)
Sword of Lightning = Longsword +12 (blue) * Lightning Gem
+14, ONHIT 10% chance Chain Lightning(2 targets, 100 dmg first/50 dmg second)
Stormrazor = Sword of Lightning * Lightning Gem * Ring of Force +1
+30, Every 3 min cast Summon Storm Elemental(lvl 25), +2 STR
Longsword of Defense = Longsword +9 * Ring of Protection +3 * Jade
+14, +3 AGI, +0.5 HPREGEN/SEC
Double-Sided Sword +13 = Longsword +9 * Longsword of Speed
+13, Every 1 min cast Power Strike(150 dmg), looks cool
Longsword of Speed = Longsword +9 * Crystal * Red Geode
Longsword of Haste = Longsword of Speed * Crystal * Potion of Speed
Mageslaying Sword = Longsword +12 (green) * Potion of Antimagic * Crystal
+18+(target INT/10) damage, +25% MAGICRESIST
Blur Longsword = Longsword +12 (blue) * Potion of Invisibility * Emerald
+22, Every 2 min cast Stealth(last 20 sec, 150 dmg backstab)
Ghostkiller = Longsword +9 * Netheril
+15, +30 vs. Spirits
Venomous Blade = Longsword +12 (green) * Tarantula Tooth * Poison
+15, ONHIT POISON(30 dmg, 30 sec)
+20, +20% MOVESPEED, ONKILL(Victim becomes Ghost under your command), +5% LIFESTEAL
Broadsword of the Enforcer
+28, +4 ARMOR, Every 3 min cast Detonations(3x 400 dmg each)
Golden Sword
Gleaming Blade
Bonecrusher Sword
Pale Drinker
+30, +20% LIFESTEAL, Every 2 min cast Curse(30% miss, last 30 sec)
Tiral's Wrath
+29, +2 ALLSTATS, Every 3 min cast Cone of Cold(125 dmg/target, 500 max)
+30, cold effect, +50% MANAREGEN
Longsword +24: Resonance
+24, Every 3 min cast Silence Absorb(Silence for 15 sec, stores Energy for Rending) or if Silence Absorb has been cast, cast Sonic Rending

Scimitar +12 (red) = 200g * Scimitar +9 * Red Geode
Scimitar +12 (blue) = 200g * Scimitar +9 * Blue Geode
Scimitar +12 (yellow) = 200g * Scimitar +9 * Yellow Geode
Battleaxe +12 (red) = 200g * Battleaxe +9 * Red Geode
Battleaxe +12 (blue) = 200g * Battleaxe +9 * Blue Geode
Battleaxe +12 (yellow) = 200g * Battleaxe +9 * Yellow Geode
Warhammer +12 (red) = 200g * Warhammer +9 * Red Geode
Warhammer +12 (blue) = 200g * Warhammer +9 * Blue Geode
Warhammer +12 (yellow) = 200g * Warhammer +9 * Yellow Geode
Katana +12 (red) = 200g * Katana +9 * Red Geode
Katana +12 (blue) = 200g * Katana +9 * Blue Geode
Katana +12 (yellow) = 200g * Katana +9 * Yellow Geode
Dagger +9 (red) = 200g * Dagger +6 * Red Geode
Dagger +9 (blue) = 200g * Dagger +6 * Blue Geode
Dagger +9 (yellow) = 200g * Dagger +6 * Yellow Geode
Mace +12 (red) = 200g * Mace +9 * Red Geode
Mace +12 (blue) = 200g * Mace +9 * Blue Geode
Mace +12 (yellow) = 200g * Mace +9 * Yellow Geode
Greatsword +15 (red) = 200g * Greatsword +12 * Red Geode
Greatsword +15 (blue) = 200g * Greatsword +12 * Blue Geode
Greatsword +15 (yellow) = 200g * Greatsword +12 * Yellow Geode
Halberd +15 (red) = 200g * Halberd +12 * Red Geode
Halberd +15 (blue) = 200g * Halberd +12 * Blue Geode
Halberd +15 (yellow) = 200g * Halberd +12 * Yellow Geode
Maul +15 (red) = 200g * Maul +12 * Red Geode
Maul +15 (blue) = 200g * Maul +12 * Blue Geode
Maul +15 (yellow) = 200g * Maul +12 * Yellow Geode
Spear +15 (red) = 200g * Spear +12 * Red Geode
Spear +15 (blue) = 200g * Spear +12 * Blue Geode
Spear +15 (yellow) = 200g * Spear +12 * Yellow Geode
Staff +12 (red) = 200g * Staff +9 * Red Geode
Staff +12 (blue) = 200g * Staff +9 * Blue Geode
Staff +12 (yellow) = 200g * Staff +9 * Yellow Geode

Capped Tube = Metal Tube * Metal Cap

Ring of Armor +1 = Golden Ring * Red Geode
Ring of Armor +2 = Ring of Armor +1 * Blue Geode

Fire Oil = 325g * Oil Base * Acid * Red Geode

--- MONSTERS ---
Or, the many ways to die outside Bluecrescent.

Undead monsters are not allied with the Undead race of the Horde. Instead, they are either controlled by higher mages or act as lone creatures. Thus, Undead players are advised to not buy the ghoul in the forest a drink but rather run it through with the pointiest sword available. All undead may be roughly grouped into zombies, skeletons, and ghosts.

Ghouls are some of the most common undead. They are typically the reanimated corpses of humanoids, and tend to be carnivorous hunters that hunger for living flesh. Their fingers are deformed into wicked claws that are the ghouls' primary weapons. They have no ranged attacks but can quickly close in on and eliminate enemies on land. Ghouls include the lesser ghouls and more powerful ghasts. Ghasts bear evil curses that simultaneously grant them heightened powers and constant agony. The greatest of their kind, the Black Ghasts, wield innate magic and are very resistant to many attacks, making them formidable opponents.

Liches are spellcasters that have been brought to life either by themselves or a powerful magic-user. They retain their consciousness and memories entirely and are for most purposes a continuation of their living self. They wield powerful magic just like living wizards, using conjuration and the elements to achieve their goals. They are powerful as opponents, especially when they defend themselves with magical shields to resist physical and arcane damage. While protecting themselves, they will rain down death and destruction on their hapless foes, using curses to weaken them and high-level elemental and death spells to finish them off. At least they're rare.

Ghosts, Shades, Wraiths:
Ghosts are typically the spirits of long-dead creatures for whatever reason tied to their place of death. Some of them were killed by powerful magical energies, some unjustly murdered or executed for crimes they did not commit. They retain most of their sentience, but tend to lack emotion and are very set in their beliefs. They are capable of traveling away from their usual haunting-place, but only if they have some important task to perform. Those that seek vengeance but are alone in their task gain the power to possess the bodies of the newly-dead, replacing their spirit and taking control of the undead corpse. They become revenants, and use their physical abilities to either guard the treasures of their tombs or set out to avenge themselves.

Shades, a variant of ghosts, willingly sacrifice themselves to gain the higher senses and mobility of their spirit form. Most shades are acolytes of the undead, but some skillful mages have mastered the ability to split their shade/spirit from their body to travel elsewhere, later returning and recombining themselves into their original form.

Wraiths are spirits that have been to the netherworld, but have proven powerful enough to return. They tend to be greedy and have a lust for power, as well as leaning toward an evil alignment. Good spirits generally stay in the netherworld, only returning when they need to provide crucial information to surviving allies. Evil ones, however, become wraiths to partially continue their living existence and achieve whatever goals they had, manipulating the less wise of the living to serve them. Liches are essentially very powerful wraiths that have managed to return immediately after death, barely touching the nether planes before reconnecting their essence to their body.

Combat-wise, spirits tend to be highly resistant to physical damage, but fairly susceptible to magic. They generally use magical energy attacks, as they can seldom touch their enemies. These attacks tend to carry either disabling curses or vampiric spells that drain life to the spirit. A few variants can conjure a new physical body if they have sucked enough surplus energy from a living creature. These construct bodies are not truly living, however, and are effectively undead monstrosities in whatever shape the spirit has chosen.

Fleshfiends are undead created from those that willfully choose to be poisoned by a powerful Black Ghast. In the hollowdark, the only such creature is Rej-kiraz, and he has gained a small army of such followers. These creatures, similar to zombies, remain sentient, and start to yearn for warm flesh and blood. They can wield weapons and set traps for living travelers, also using magic to attain their goals. They often begin to eat their prey as it is gasping out its last breaths, tearing out chunks of meat and gorging themselves on the mess.

The most bloodthirsty become fleshfiend Killers, gaining speed and strength as the fleeting fragments of life-force they consume with the flesh of their victims accumulate into an empowering extension of their damaged psyches. These creatures become even more ravenous and hateful, directing their subordinates to inflict as much agony as possible on their foes before consuming them.

Some of those caught by the fleshfiends, however, are tortured past insanity until they choose themselves the cursed existence of the fleshfiend. Due to their original reluctance and the failure of their minds, they turn into wretched Undying fleshfiends, returning from the brink of destruction time and time again after being cut down, until their faint consciousness finally gives up any hope of existence and is sucked away by the irresistible extraplanar forces of final death.

Demons are defined as the resident creatures of the Lower Planes. They are not normally found in the Prime Material Plane, but typically enter via portals or planar gates. Most of them are evil, though a few lesser imps may be neutral.

Marileths are 4-armed female demons with snakelike tails. They usually wield multiple weapons and are the most dexterous of demon warriors, even capable of dual-wielding polearm weapons that are considered 2-handed for humanoids. Their spellcasting capabilities are limited, but they may make use of magical weapons with special curse effects. They are near the middle of the demon power hierarchy, and are often summoned as bodyguards by powerful warlocks or black dragons. In combat, their rapid attacks quickly wear down opposition, but they are vulnerable to immobilization by spells that prevent them from approaching their target. Individual Marileths vary in weapon choice. They may use longswords, greatswords, scimitars, katanas, axes, daggers, halberds, or spears, and generally dislike blunt weapons.

Essentially undead demons, Nihinferati are the self-reanimated bodies of fallen demons. They are in effect liches, retaining all of their memories and intelligence, and gain an even greater aptitude for destruction than they ever had in their first life. They may be of many classes, including Warriors, Clerics, Warlocks, and Necromancers. However, they all carry various innate magical abilities, so that even Warriors can cast significant curses and elemental spells. Whatever type, Nihinferati are invariably high-level and are can be devastating unless taken on by a party. To make matters even more interesting, they enjoy summoning lesser demons to aid themselves in battle - and with the Nihinferati's high ranks, "lesser demons" may include everything from marileths to infernals to Eredar.

Humanoids include all living bipedal creatures with intelligence above that of ordinary animals and the ability to use tools, weapons, and/or magic.

Some of the best known of humanoids, gnolls are hyena- or dog-like creatures of superior physical strength but rather limited intelligence. When not busily contributing to the universal list of Dumbest Arguments Ever, they enjoy fiercely hunting down and murdering innocent travelers of the more civilized races. Their warriors prefer heavy flails as weapons, and their archers are entirely dependent on crossbows. A few variants of gnoll have magical skills, such as the Warden, which can cast several spells. Some may also use poisoned or magical weapons. While a significant threat to characters below 20th level, they are rarely more than a nuisance to the more powerful of heroes. Being relatively intelligent creatures, they tend to carry better loot than animals, but do not drop much of exceptional arcane power.

Fishlike creatures, murlocs can easily walk on either 2 or 4 legs, and carry equipment fashioned from shells and coral. They are more sneaky than the brutish gnolls, and may attack travelers in areas of obscuringly thick vegetation and water. While they can survive in dry climates, they far prefer lakes, swamps, beaches, and rivers. They command little in the way of magical prowess, but ingeniously use traps such as nets and poisonous weapons. Some are capable of blending into the night, becoming nearly invisible in the darkness.
Like gnolls, they are mostly low-level enemies, but tend to be more densely distributed and attack simultaneously in groups, slashing and stabbing at enemies with numerous barbs and blades.

Centauroids possess as much or more intelligence as humanoids and demi-humands, and are similar in their ways. However, they are 6-limbed quadrupeds, and as agile as any four-legged animal. Their magical skills tend to be more intricate, and their weapons more sophisticated than those of mere gnolls.

Rogue Dryads/Cenarites:
While regular dryads and cenarites (aka Grovekeepers, children of Cenarius) align themselves with nature and its sentinels the night elves, rogue dryads are more aggressive and choose to exploit natural resources in a rather human-like fashion. They bear a mutual hatred towards the normal dryads, viciously attacking and killing them on sight. They have a similar dislike of all Alliance and Horde races, and are formidable foes to all. They are near 30th to 60th level in power, and can be very destructive should they choose to be. The challenge may be worth it, however, as many dryads carry valuable magic items and weaponry, as well as other treasures stolen from their good cenarite relatives.

The centauroid classification takes its name from the centaurs. Unlike dryads, they more resemble humans than elves, and have a clearly more strength-based fighting style. Having four legs, they are just as fast as dryads, but rely on heavy blows rather than agile strikes to destroy enemies after surrounding them. They prefer to live in the open plains, but sometimes inhabit caves in order to hide from enemies or the elements. They particularly loathe the tauren, and have often attacked the settlement of Thar'Dumal. So far the tauren have held them off, but the centaurs continue to plot the eradication of their most hated foes. They are usually not as capable with magic as the cenarites, and are somewhat less of a challenge, but can still overwhelm low- or lower-middle-level heroes with little trouble.


Hero skills are divided into 3 main types:

-Spellbooks: These contain up to 11 spells/abilities and add 1 ability per skillpoint. 11 points max.

-Weapon Specializations (Specs): These improve damage done with a given weapon class (slashing, piercing, blunt, ranged). 50 points max.

-Mastery Skills: These upgrade certain Spellbook spells or add stats to the hero. Each hero has one Mastery "skill" to spend a point on, but the skill gives a choice of several Masteries to improve in (mana regeneration, offensive spells, defensive skills, etc). Max points vary.


Night Elf
The night elves are distantly related to the blood elves, and follow a very different mentality. They despise arcane magic and only employ the powers of nature. They steadfastly protect their forests and force out any intruders, themselves taking great pains to preserve the areas from which they take resources. While they attempt to be just and honorable, they can be xenophobic and impatient with other races. The only non-druidic magic they remotely tolerate is that of demon hunters, who employ chaos to smite the dark creatures that are born of it. Even so, demon hunters are pushed out of populated areas and forced to live as wanderers or hermits, their deeds distantly noticed but never repaid. As warriors, night elves prefer archery and subterfuge to direct melee confrontation, but do not wholly absorb themselves in one style of combat.

Blood Elf
The blood elves, once wise and insightful, have fallen too far into their lust for magical power, blindly rushing to take power from any source, be it supplied by nature or the demons of the Twisting Nether themselves. However, while many of them have ignored integrity and plunged into evil, their pride has kept most from being subverted by the forces of darkness. Now they are corrupt but influenced by no outside force, possessing no evil but their own. Their sorceresses follow much the same disciplines as human mages, but with less restraint, employing any conjuration - no matter how dark - to attain victory. They can both gracefully aid allies or dish out pure annihilation to their foes. Though still following the light, blood priests lack any pity toward their enemies, viciously destroying them even if they surrender and beg for mercy.

Humans seem to be the least innately magical and unique of races, but possess a specialized mindset that allows them to be persistent and creative in their struggles to survive. Barring the skillful gnomes or goblins, they are the most technologically-oriented of races, developing advanced masonry and mechanical weapons. Their priests invoke the forces of light to heal allies and rain vengeance upon their foes, commanding no less power than their shamanistic counterparts, while human mages learn to control energy and the elements with devastating results. If anything, their capacity for intolerance and greed results in their failures sooner than their lack of strength or innate enchantments.

Human Warrior:
The Human Warrior is the typical guy in armor who goes around and murders things with pointy weapons. He can use any weapon, and gets Specializations in Slashing and Blunt weapons. He also has two spellbooks for Offensive and Defensive skills.

Improves slashing weapon damage. Slashing weapons include all swords, axes, and halberds.

Improves blunt weapon damage. Blunts include staves, warhammers, mauls, and maces.

Dealing out damage and stunning.
Stunning Blow: Deals a small amount of damage and stuns the enemy for a few seconds. This allows for a few "free" attacks and can help stop escaping enemies.
Power Strike: The simplest of melee abilities, this does direct bonus damage. Fun blood effects included.
Radial Stun: Stuns and damages foes nearby, allowing for escape or dealing out more punishment.
Battlehaste: Grants self +50% movement speed and +75% attack speed for 15 seconds. Combine with Flawless Strikes, Irresistible Fury, & Bladestorm below and the effects are freakin' godly.
Irresistible Fury: Adds 60 damage and 2-second stun to all attacks for ten seconds. Like a lot of cheap Stunning Blows.
Flawless Strikes: Grants 100% x3 damage criticals for ten seconds. Slice & dice!
Bladestorm: Perhaps the most fun of killer spells, this lets you imagine you're a lawnmower and your enemies are hapless bunnies caught in the way. Plus, it only runs out when mana runs out (using about 200 per second) or when you tell it to. Thus you can time it in short bursts for accuracy or make one huge trail of death and destruction. And, you can still use normal attacks, making the damage potential to a single target extremely high.

Dodging blows and evading enemies for better survival.
Resiliency: Instant heal of 150 hit points to self. Very long cooldown, but can be essential to survival when being chased.
Evasion: Grants 75% to dodge enemy attacks for 10 seconds. Quite nice.
Magic Resistance: Grants 50% reduction for Magic damage for 15 seconds. Good for those pesky Fireball-lobbing mages.
Resist Damage: Adds 10 armor for 20 seconds. Good all-around survival spell, especially combined with an offensive Bladestorm.
Power Bluff: Frightens all nearby foes into running a short distance away. Best against creeps as human players can react to the effect and force attack you anyway.

Human Priest:
The Priest is a combination of a healer, buffer, cursemonger, and even a passable warrior. His spells include those geared toward the restoration of health, removal of negative effects (diseases, curses, poisons), offensive or destructive powers (warding undead and the like), and others. He can blunt weapons such as staves or maces, and gets a Weapon Specialization to improve his damage, letting him administer handsome bludgeonings to foes in times of need.

Improves blunt weapon damage. Blunts include staves, warhammers, mauls, and maces.

Includes healing and buffs like Inner Fire.
Holy Light: The classic spell, it heals an ally or damages enemy undead. Not the best as far as healing goes, but has wide applications.
Heal: Standard healing. Each casting heals a small amount of damage, and time is required to restore massive amounts of hit points, but it's very efficient mana-wise. Decent in battles but best afterwards.
Inner Fire: Adds armor and attack power to a unit, upgrading combat skills temporarily.
Divine Armor: Adds a great amount of armor to a single ally, granting near-immunity to physical attacks. Not usable on self, and costly, but can save lives.
Mass Heal: Heals some hit points for all allies in radius. Not very efficient, but handy when everyone seems to be getting beaten down by a Dragon or something.

Spells to slow and stun or inflict confusion and fear.
Hold: Fixes an enemy in place for a time. They can still attack and cast spells but not move or channel.
Petrify: Turns the victim's skin and outer flesh to stone, essentially inflicting instant death. Cannot use on Heroes or enemies above 2/3 caster level. The chance of it working is (caster level)/(caster level + target level). The statue remains and can be shattered with a blow, the unpetrified contents exploding bloodily. Great for when you really, really hate something.

Include elemental damage spells and warding spells to chase off enemies.
Fire Circle: Creates a narrow ring of flame centered on the caster. This ring does not move and damages all enemies crossing or standing on it.
Ward Undead: Causes all nearby undead under the level of the caster to flee to a distance. Undead enemies under 1/5 of caster level are annihilated instantly without experience gain.
Holy Smite: Briefly calls down divine energies in a narrow area to burn and splatter enemies. Brutal but requires good aim.


Orcs are a simultaneously noble and savage race, possessing honor as well as being capable of merciless eradication of their enemies. Unlike humans, they believe in a more detailed hierarchy where every member has his place and the stronger dominate the weaker. They do not carelessly destroy their lesser clansmen in display of power, but institute strict discipline to ensure that every peon and warlord alike is as useful to the Horde as they can be. Their magic-users are split into the spiritual shamen and devious warlocks, somewhat like human priests and mages. The shamen communicate with ancestral and natural spirits, calling on them for aid in combat and borrowing their powers to achieve their ends, while warlocks channel the energies of great demons to directly alter and manipulate the world.

Trolls are agile creatures, taller and stronger than the average human by a significant amount. However, they prefer ranged combat or swift attacks to brute force, and have a high respect of accuracy and skill. Their spellcasters primarily communicate with spirits, not too unlike the orcish shamen, and have some control over nature's elemental forces. They can manipulate water, plants, animals, winds and fire to their advantage. Unlike night elven druids, they prefer to dominate nature rather than negotiate with it, but still strive to maintain a balance between themselves and their environment. Differing also from human mages, they tend to use their elemental powers in more intricate ways, creating arcane traps and hexes rather than lobbing indiscriminate flaming death at enemies.

Troll Warrior:
Troll Warriors come from a background that emphasizes using both agility and strength in combat. Before conflicts with other races, early troll hunters were adept at hiding and ambushing and trapping prey. Their attacks were swift and accurate, and their natural physical strength made them very lethal. The newer warriors, more suited to slaying other sentient races, are somewhat slowed by their use of vital armor, but still retain an edge in speed and dexterity over orcs and humans. Elves are closer with their swift and graceful motions, but trolls possess the raw power required for truly rapid movement. They typically carry axes, spears, or short blades into combat, and a number of troll weapons can both be used in melee or thrown.

Improves piercing weapon damage. Piercing weapons include daggers and spears.

Improves slashing weapon damage. Slashing weapons include all swords, axes, and halberds.

Dealing out damage and stunning.
Stunning Blow: Deals a small amount of damage and stuns the enemy for a few seconds. This allows for a few "free" attacks and can help stop escaping enemies.
Power Strike: The simplest of melee abilities, this does direct bonus damage. Fun blood effects included.
Radial Stun: Stuns and damages foes nearby, allowing for escape or dealing out more punishment.
Battlehaste: Grants self +50% movement speed and +75% attack speed for 15 seconds. Combine with Irresistible Fury, Zombie Rot & Bladestorm below and the effects are freakin' godly.
Irresistible Fury: Adds 60 damage and 2-second stun to all attacks for ten seconds. Like a lot of cheap Stunning Blows.
Bladestorm: Perhaps the most fun of killer spells, this lets you imagine you're a lawnmower and your enemies are hapless bunnies caught in the way. Plus, it only runs out when mana runs out (using about 200 per second) or when you tell it to. Thus you can time it in short bursts for accuracy or make one huge trail of death and destruction. And, you can still use normal attacks, making the damage potential to a single target extremely high. Spinning zombie!

Dodging blows and evading enemies for better survival.
Resiliency: Instant heal of 150 hit points to self. Very long cooldown, but can be essential to survival when being chased.
Resist Damage: Adds 10 armor for 20 seconds. Good all-around survival spell, especially combined with an offensive Bladestorm or some such.

Troll Shadow Hunter:
Troll Shadow Hunters are a strange amalgamation of warriorly and spiritual disciplines. They both train with various bladed weapons, both striking with them and hurling them at foes, and gain unusual acrobatic skill. Due to the time they spend in parallel studying ancient hexes and spinoffs of both trollish voodoo and newer form