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me poems  
folder icon   08-24-2007, 01:39 AM
me poems Post #1



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Azorius on runetotem

Hey guy its been awhile since I been on this website and I wanted to se how things were coming along and see what you think of these poems i made.

Where has the love gone?

Where is the love in this world of hate?
Where is the kindness we all once had?
Where is the compassion in times of need?
Where is the devotion to each other?
Where is the sense of being when you are here?
Where is the soft voice to lull us to sleep?
Where is the memory’s of great times we had?
Where is the smile to brighten the day?
Where is the laughs that make us cry?
Where is the eyes that twinkle in joy?
Where is the embrace to hold me at night?
Where is the guardian to protect with his life?
Where is the Glorious Anthem’s to amaze the world?
It has disappeared when its needed most
To comfort us and hold us so we are not alone
All the fighting and killing it never ends
The world sinks deeper into this dark abyss
It seems I am alone in this vast wasteland
Trying to rebuild what once was
But the harder I try the harder it gets
So I have finally given into this blazing hell
And as I sit here in this deep dark void
I say quietly to myself over and over
Where has the love gone?

How would you feel

How would you feel if you were all alone?
with no friends, no one to talk to?
If there was no one to love you or comfort you,
no one to share your feeling with.
How would you feel if everyone ignored you,
wanting nothing to do with you,
as if they’re ice-cold eyes saw right through you,
not caring whether you’re dead or alive,
not even noticing your there at all.
How would you feel if this were you?
How would you feel if you were me?

I also plan on getting back into photoshop so as long as ultra doesn't mind I'm going to color some of his drawings again... they alwasy give a good challange.

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folder icon   09-06-2007, 09:26 PM
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Joined: May 29 2007
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Posts: 171 pos
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folder icon   07-02-2009, 06:46 AM
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Joined: Jul 02 2009
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We used to be such good friends
He would call me all the time
We could talk on the phone for hours
But he wanted a girlfriend
He wanted to be with me so bad
Thats not what I was looking for?
So I told him
We still talk every now and again
But we arent even half as close as we used to be
I miss our long talks
I miss his pretty blue eyes looking at me so deeply
I miss the way he would find little secretive ways to say?
I love you
He never knew that I always caught on
I miss the way he would call me beautiful
I miss how I could talk to him about anything and everything
I miss the way we could just look at each other and know everything was ok
I miss sitting on the couch watching his crazy war movies
I miss his soft lips and the way I could feel him smiling when we kissed
Most of all I miss him
But he doesnt want me anymore
He?s moved on
I want what I can?t have and it hurts so bad
It hurts to know that I could have had him
I could be with him right now
There are so many things in life that I am going to regret doing
But it's a million times worse having to regret NOT doing something
I miss him so much and I would do anything to be with him right now.

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folder icon   09-15-2009, 11:56 PM
Post #4

Joined: Sep 15 2009
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When I am sad, I feel like crying. (rub eyes)
When I am proud, I feel like trying. (head held high)
When I feel curious, I want to know. (look up, wondering)
When I'm impatient, I want to go! (cross arms, tap foot)
When I feel angry, I look this way. (angry look)
When I feel happy, I smile all day. (big smile)
When I am puzzled, I make a shrug. (shrug shoulders)
When I feel loving, I want to hug. (hug yourself)

playstation 3

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folder icon   08-24-2010, 08:41 AM
Post #5
so and so



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Isaac Asimov would be ecstatic. Robots writing poetry.

"Do you masturbate to your own rhetoric?" - Kegel
"The irony of this topic makes me want to fist myself with a pinecone." - Dark Jester
"No ones life is that interesting unless it involves war, porn, or zombies." - Urin Bloodface
"Any country that owes their existence to the french doesn't deserve to be a country." - Love
"i only eat yogurt with a minimum ph of 4.5." - PålädÌÑ
"I had my utensils removed last summer." - Kjell Thusaud
"Fuck reality, I prefer vodka." - Sammy
Posts: 5,764 pospospos
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