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Sorry this took so long folks: BLIZZCON 08!  
folder icon   11-02-2008, 10:41 PM
Sorry this took so long folks: BLIZZCON 08! Post #1

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Hokay, sorry this took so long folks, but…yeah…

Opening Ceremony
For Diablo III, the wizard class was announced, along with the trailer for said class.


Playing Starcraft II
Whole lotta stuff in this department, so here goes:

New unit: Null Ray
See photo.

The Carrier now starts with four Interceptors. Woohoo.
Buildings can now cloak, ala the cloaking field the Mothership now generates.

Yep, finally able to play units from the Zerg.
I wouldn’t say the Zerg are radically different from SCI, but there have been several changes:
There are no more Creep Colonies. The Sunken and Spore Colonies still exist as buildings that can be evolved from Drones, and these buildings can pull up and move (like Ancients from War III), but they are not evolved from Creep Colonies. On that note, creep generation is…well, radically different. Creep can now be generated two different ways. One is an upgraded Overlord, which spews creep continually from itself, rendering itself immobile. The other is…
Changed unit: Queen. Now a ground unit created at the Hive, it can create creep tumors. These tumors stay on the ground and generate creep.
So, as far as I could tell, you could only generate creep, other than building a new Hatchery, only after upgrading your Hatchery.
Changed unit: Ultralisk. Now has two attacks – regular attack now used only against units, and new attack, which is headbutting buildings.
Changed unit: Guardian. Instead of having a direct attack, it now lobs eggs that turn into units that attack for a short time.
Changed unit: Overlord. Can now upgrade into an Overseer. More unit production, can regenerate the health of bio units, and can summon nydus worms.
New unit: Roach, build from Roach Warren. Fast regenerating ground v. ground unit.
New unit: Infestor. Spellcaster. Looks like the Zerg version of an Abomination from War III. 3 spells:
Neural parasite – gain control over a unit (I forget for how long)
Infested Swarm – spawn two infested terrans (I forget for how long)
Fungal Infestation – didn’t get a chance to use this one.
New unit: Corruptor. Flying unit, looks like the squid-robot from the first Matrix movie. Only air v. air. When it kills a unit, the unit turns into a…thing, immobile, that attacks enemy units for a short time.

Reapers now trained at Barracks.
Changed unit: Thor. Now built at the Factory, does not have the bombard ability, but it can now rebuild itself if it’s destroyed. There’s no limit to the number of times you can do this, it costs money each time, and, unless it’s damaged while it’s rebuilding, it starts with full HP.
New unit: Hellion. Combination of the Vulture and the Firebat: looks like a Quad, has a fire attack a little longer than the Firebat’s.

Starcraft II Gameplay
For the duration of the Terran campaign, you’re in control of Jim Raynor. You start on Mar Sara, where Raynor is not having a lot of luck, due to the fact that he’s basically fighting a losing battle. Then Tychus Findlay, the marine in the SC II cinematic, shows up. Turns out, he has a history with Raynor. This game is going to have a LOT more in-game cinematics. Soon after Findlay shows up, Raynor and Findlay get picked up by Raynor’s flagship, the Hyperion.
Aboard the Hyperion is where the rest of the pre-game action takes place, at least as far as I can tell. There are several different places on the Hyperion that you can visit, including the cantina (where you learn more about the background story, and about people), the armory (where you buy your new units, buildings, and upgrades) and the bridge (where you start your missions).
We met a coupla people this time around, one of which we hadn’t met before: Gabriel Tosh. The first black guy that I can recall from any story, Tosh is a Ghost, and someone with whom Raynor would actually rather not associate, but is forced to due to Tosh’s talents. Another person is Rory Swan. He hangs out in the Armory, and it’s from him that you buy your upgrades. Finally, we met first officer Matt Horn, the information-monger of the crew.
These stories demand three to four times as much involvement as SCI and, after beating around the bush for a while, the Starcraft II Trilogy was announced. The first one will be the Terran campaign, Wings of Liberty. The second will be the Zerg campaign, Heart of the Swarm. The final one will be the Protoss campaign, Legacy of the Void. ‘Twas announced that the multi-player content won’t change, and that each game will carry the full content of each game. Each campaign is going to be an epic story, with no cliffhangers (yeah right). Each campaign is going to be around 26-30 missions. There’s also going to be a mini-campaign, involving Zeratul, that focuses on the greater threat.

Starcraft Lore
New character: Dr. Ariel Hanson. She’s the doctor charged with taking care of a bunch of colonists. At some point during the Terran campaign they get rescued by Raynor’s crew. She’s supposed to represent a normal person, and also a romantic interest of Raynor’s.
Rory Swan – the “shop foreman”. He’s sort of the uncle figure of the ship. He was part of the Kel-Morian faction, he led a revolt, lost his arm in the process, and Raynor saved him. Raynor stole the Hyperion from Mengsk; now it’s falling apart, and Swan’s the guy that’s holding the ship together.
Gabriel Tosh – has a connection to Nova. He’s a Boba Fett-type character that represents the bad side of Raynor. He’s of the Rastafarian persuasion, and has a belief in voodoo.
Tychus Findlay – buddies with Raynor, hasn’t seen him in 14 years.
Matt Horner – captain of the Hyperion. Very by-the-book kind of guy, he’s a believer in Raynor’s cause. In fact, he believes in Raynor more than Raynor believes in himself. He’s sort of the opposite of Tosh.
Valerian Mengsk – Arcturus’ son, and someone that might deal with Raynor. Obviously part of the Mengsk dynasty, he has a hope for the future.
Q&A for SCII Lore Panel
I got up and asked this question: “There’s been all this mention about Raynor’s outlaw-ish past, and yet, when we first meet him in SCI, he’s a marshal. How is that going to play in?” and I got them to reveal a small spoiler (hee hee!): apparently, at some point in Raynor and Findlay’s past, Findlay went to jail to cover Raynor’s backside, and that scared Raynor straight, and that situation might play itself out during the campaign.
Another question was asked regarding Earth. Apparently, Earth, for the time being, has lost interest in this section of the galaxy, and that SCII will have NOTHING TO DO WITH EARTH.
Mention was made of the Dark Archon book trilogy, and it was revealed that Ramsey, the protagonist, might make an appearance.
They’re going to use Starcraft: Ghost information in SCII.
Apparently, Zeratul thinks that there’s a huge fleet of Protoss out there…somewhere.
Finally, Metzen said that, while he loves Warcraft III, Starcraft II is going to make War III look like Saturday morning cartoons.

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