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folder icon   03-17-2009, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Urin_BloodfaceII
What is the point? And please don't compare apartheid and stuff to this uniqe conflict in history. I've gotten enough e-mails compareing it with holocaust which is insane!

Technically all things happening now are unique, yet we still learn history because comparing it to similar aspects to past events is still useful. I would say it's much more like apartheid and ethnic cleansing which has similarities to South Africa, some aspects to Serbia and some of the violence in the breakdown of Yugoslavia. There are aspects that are similar and may or may not be useful in an analysis.

Originally Posted by Urin_BloodfaceII
They tried that. But then again Israel has some insane tradeblockades that fuckes the palestinians. But when they are open Palestinins exploit that.

The wall works. For now. But evetually fueled by religion Israel will get nuked and then we are all fucked. Sorry, I do not see any other solution.

The point is for both sides, or a neutral third party, to continue to engage all sides, including whatever political regime is in control of the Palestinians in order to reach a peaceful consensus. The idea is not to flick bones to a dog like a treat, it's for both to respect each other as a people that deserve to live, and cohabitate on the land.

What does it matter how slow progress is? What would it matter if it takes another 50 years before any real peace is achieved? Would you rather fight a war as intensely as possible for a 1000 years? Belief in the inevitability of war is what makes it inevitable.

If Northern Ireland is an example of a long-ass and painful peace process, I think it applies well here. Maybe you or your grandchildren might see peace in the region.

Should Gandhi have just given up in jail? Nelson Mandela just given up in jail? You never know if peace will work unless you try unendingly. All conflicts end in time.


Originally Posted by VeeGee
Let imagine for a second, that each rocket Hammas shot at Israel killed at least one person, Israel would have 8,000 dead. That was Hammas' intent, after all. They shoot to kill, and suicide bomb themselves to kill by numbers, but they lack the capabilities of delivering their intent. But fuck they are trying. On the other hand, Israel has masses of big bombs that can, in theory, demolish and incinerate the Gaza strip entirely, but unlike Hammas' intention, all innocent lives taken is but an outcome of unfortunate mistakes that saddly occur at war time. How many times do people have to say Hammas is using women and children as warriors and shields before it gets through? They are using schools and clinics as shelters and armories. Is it that difficult to comprehend they're, also, playing foul? So what is inhumane? That Israel is persuing those responsible for terrorizing our country, or Hammas cowering behind their weak, so they can produce better headlines? You hear about dead. How about the tens of thousands of people living between one alarm and another and in constant fear that a rocket might actually hit, them, today. How about the countless thousands of people injured in the most horrific ways when some asshole decided to blow himself up at a shopping center. What about them? They're never the focus, but they're still living the result.

So I say fuck your prejudices, because this ban is tailored specifically for the Israeli-Palestinian situations, since no other contestants face estrangement. It's a fucking tennis game.

Well I agree that the sports game should not be stopped as a protest against Israel but that's mainly because I think sports games should continue as a symbol for attempting to achieve peace.

However, I don't think you can talk about potentials. I could talk about how China could have potentially raped and pillaged Japan, razed all their cities and nuked every last inch of Japanese soil after World War 2 for what they did. In the end, the Chinese did not do such a thing. Whether they did not because they didn't have the power or not will never truly be known.

If Hamas became that powerful, how would you be able to predict the shift in global politics? Were they to become the big bad wolf of the UN's human rights council, they might be the ones arguing how they are avoiding civilian deaths in their pursuit to destroy the terrorist zionist regime of Israel.

No one is denying that Hamas is not acting improperly (yes that is an understatement) but the fact of the matter is that your government committed war crimes, used illegal weapons and killed thousands of innocent civilians. Hamas, despite all their human right abuses, have not done anything close to the same scale. You cannot charge someone with what they might do had they the power, the political landscape and the opportunity.

EDIT: Oh and just to clarify lest b~e go on some "i hate lefties" rant, if the Hamas are found to be committing war crimes, the solution is not to let the Israeli government off the hook (as per his weird concept of moral equivalency whenever it suits him but not when it doesnt), the solution is that both Hamas and the architects behind the Gaza offensive in the Israeli government be charged for war crimes at the ICC. Since Israel and Hamas both are equally asshole to the international community that probably doesn't mean much anyway.


a suicide bomber taken out by a suicide bomber? priceless
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folder icon   04-12-2009, 08:57 AM
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In modern trial there is murder, and there is attempted murder. Hammas is attempting murder, and failing. Sorry, sometimes they are succeeding. I'm not charging them with what they might do were they the dominant power in the region, I'm charging them with what they are trying to do with their limited capabilities. They're not trying to scare us, they're trying to kill us with what they have.

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